Safety, Health & Wellbeing Plus

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Keeping everyone safe and well must be a top priority for any business, and accident prevention is at the core. This course covers some extra topics to the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Essentials courses, which help keep you and your colleagues injury free.

You will learn:

  • How to stay safe if you need to use knives and cutters.
  • How to move things about using the right equipment, to prevent injuring yourself and others.
  • How to work safely at heights, if you have to.
  • That to use dangerous equipment you must be trained.
  • How to recognise and manage fatigue in yourself and others.
  • How to understand and act upon wellbeing issues.
  • Influencing and negotiation skills to create a safety culture.
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Rating 4.00
Rating number 99
Core Sector Hospitality, Retail
Sub-sector Restaurant, Hotel, Quick Service Restaurant, Pub/bar, Catering, Events, Entertainment, Grocery
Business Outcomes Wellbeing, Compliance
Skill Type/Topic Health and Safety, Equipment
Job Type Sales Assistant, Maintenance, Housekeeper
Author Upskill People